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Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

In a post apocalyptic world, we meet Aki Ross (Ming-Na) whose theory for the salvation of human-kind is based in her dreams.

Even though the science fiction is from tradition this fantasy is revolutionary in that the entire film is filled with computer generated characters that are as close to real as we have ever seen.

Final Fantasy gave creator Hironobu Sakaguchi the opportunity to use hyper real characters within a science fiction story that reaches into the dreams of Aki where she finds herself between two robotic armies which clash around her as the planet erupts in fire and is destroyed like the Death Star in Star Wars.

The Earth meanwhile is infested with a Phantom Menace, ghost like creatures which assume larger and larger shapes as they conquer the majority of the third planet.  With characters voiced by actors like Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, Ving Rhames, Donald Sutherland and James Woods as the evil General Hein the computer animation captures the gestures and characteristics of the voices behind them.

With human kind reduced to domed glass cities, a battle develops between Aki and Sutherland Doctor Sid on one side and Woods' General Hein on the other.  Aki has a piece of the ghost like menace contained in her chest which allows her to understand and dream of the events that brought the creatures to Earth.  As she and Doctor Sid search for eight spirit signatures which hold the answer to the questions of survival, General Hein wants to use the Zeuse Cannon, a massive, highly destructive space-mounted weapon.

Which ever side can convince the Earth council will have the legal right to proceed with their theory to rid the world of the infecting alien mysterious force.

With the tools of state-of-the-art computer generated images we are able to observe phenomenon which have been a part of science fiction culture for decades.  We are carried into an existence which is alien to our experiences.  It allows imagination to appear real and we become part of the recurring dream which holds the answer to what the menace is, where it comes from and why it attacks human earthlings.

Science fiction fans will be enthralled with the story and the brilliant animation, and as Aki begins to walk on water and the fire color of the menace turns to a cool blue green we all appreciate an experience which may be historic in film making, or a footnote in film history.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

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