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Final Destination 2

How many times have you had the hair on the back of your neck stand up or that strange feeling in the pit of your stomach or even stopped what you were doing because in your mind you “saw” something that made you pause?  Could it be that we all have the ability to see briefly into the future, do we all gain insight into our own deaths or those to which we are cosmically connected or is it simply all an illusion?

Final Destination 2 picks up where the original left off Death has been cheated by a small group of people who had  the fortune to listen to that little voice inside their heads and change the path of their destiny.  Problem is that Death is a true bloodhound and has to right the wrong in order for the universe to unfold its grand plan for us all.

The film starts with a spring break trip and a premination of a huge traffic accident.  It seems that Kimberly Corman (A.J. Cook) sees her own death and a multitude of others.  In her sudden panic she stops the line of traffic she is in only to see the horror unfold before her as the accident occurs.

Once again it seems that Death has been cheated and now must work overtime to correct the oversight.  Unlike the first film of the name, version 2 is a bit more original and the kills are actually done well with out going over the top on gore.  The suspense is actually very good at times.  Using the anniversary date of the original plane crash from the first and the only living survivor of said crash adds a bit more to whole appeal to this film.

Given a better script and more experienced group of actor and actresses (Ali Larter, A.J. Cook, Michael Landes, Terrence Carson, Keegan Connor Tracy) director David Richard Ellis could have made this film a bit more over the top and truly made a suspense / horror film for the times.

All in all this is not a bad film; how can one not enjoy the prospects of cheating Death if only for a short time.  The clever tie-in to the original story and characters were super but the cinematography of Gary Capo is supurb.  Great camera angles, use of soft focus and resulting misdriection only add to the scare factor at times.

If you are looking for a film to take that special person to and hoping to get a little squeal from them or even their head burried in your shoulder, this is the one.

Final Destination 2

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