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Final Analysis

Final Analysis
Richard Gere, Uma Thurman and Kim Basinger

Rated: R For sex and violence.
Reviewed by: Frank and Chris  
Release date: February 7, 1992 Released by: Warner Brothers

Issac Barr (Richard Gere) a psychiatrist, is a well-known defense witness. While counseling Diana(Uma Thurman) she asks him to discuss her problems with her sister, Heather (Kim Basinger). Barr falls for the beautiful sister and begins an affair with her which will prove to be a big mistake.

Final Analysis has some nice twists and turns and unlike most films it gets better as it moves along. The real problem is that Heather (Basinger) suffers from psychological alcohol poisoning which leads her to carry on in bizarre, dangerous ways. Watching Basinger in this role brings to mind Blind Date, in which she destroys the car and career of Bruce Willis in a slapstick comedy. Her character in Blind Date poisons the credibility of this role. She appears quite silly in the early part of the film.

The two sisters twist Barr up and down sexually, psychologically, and on the stairs of an old light house. When Heather kills her abusive husband, Barr is right there to help he get off with the alcohol poison defense. Following the trial he begins to learn the true character of Heather and sister Diana.

Gere is passive and unexciting, Basinger shows depth in her role as the film progresses and Thurman is quite believable as the disturbed, unbalanced sister.

Despite the stairs in the light house that are a reminder of Vertigo, the script moves and twists too often to absorb the audience into plot and plight of the characters. The pieces are there; they just don't fit together.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Final Analysis  C   C                     C 

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