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Fearless 1993

Fearless 1993
Jeff Bridges, Rosie Perez, Tom Hulce, Isabella Rossellini and John Turturro

Rated: R 
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: October 15, 1993 Released by: Warner Brothers

When Max (Jeff Bridges) an architect, survives a plane crash he reacts by believing he is free from harm, Fearless. All the ramifications, tensions, and changes from this state of mind create a compelling, powerful and overwhelming drama.

Bridges has the look and the performance quality to play a personality that is on the edge or in this case in the stratosphere. His performance is remarkable. Rosie Perez plays Carla, a young mother who also survives but loses her two-year-old son and who responds with total withdrawal, unlike Max.

Tom Hulce is Brillstein, the slippery lawyer, Isabella Rossellini is the confused wife and John Turturro is Dr. Perlman, the airline therapist who attempts to help all the survivors suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Director Peter Weir molds the characters and their emotional ranges so well each scene is like a chapter of a good book which can't be put down. Each revelation increases the fascination of this engrossing and absorbing story. This one is different and special.

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Fearless 1993  A                        A 

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