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What Stephen Rea, that wonderful actor from The Crying Game is doing in this mess, is beyond me.

In a Boston setting that is continually raining and in rooms that are so dimly lit you can hardly make out what is going on (on second thought, perhaps it's pitch black on purpose, since the plot is so murky), a web site exists that lures viewers into its nightmare of murder and mayhem.

When someone logs on, they're enticed by a sultry beauty who asks them to play a game with her.  As soon as they respond "yes," she addresses them by name and the screen turns into a series of quickly flashing pictures of knives, women screaming and dark rooms filled with different methods of torture.  The viewer is compelled to watch, and after the game ends, the participant dies within 48 hours from something that is feared the most.

Stephen Dorff stars as a cop who is investigating a number of strange deaths.  The bodies have blood coming from their eyes and they appear to have been scared to death, so the public health department is called in.

Natascha McElhone plays a health inspector and Dorff's romantic interest.  Her character is braver than most female co-stars in slasher movies.

Rea as the killer (don't worry, I haven't spoiled it for you, because he's identified early in the film) likes to perform autopsies on his female victims while they are still alive and tape all the gory details for home viewers.

Feardotcom has a confusing plot, undeveloped characters and instead of having a good fright from clever and unpredictable surprises relies on titillating shots of quivering women as they are slowly cut by a madman.


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