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Exit Wounds Exit Wounds

He's big, back and badder than ever!  Steven Seagal brings his kick ass martial arts skills and bad attitude to the big screen once again in Exit Wounds.  Not only will the action impress even the most skeptical, but there is actually a story!

Seagal portrays Orin Boyd, a police officer that plays by his own rules.  Unfortunately, Boyd decides the only way to save the Vice President from an assassination attempt is to throw him off a bridge.  This “creative” solution lands him a reassignment to the 15th precinct in Detroit - the most dangerous precinct there is.

Immediately upon arrival Boyd discovers a corrupt group of police and a (now here's something you don't see every day) former dot-com millionaire turned drug lord.  Now the fun begins.

While undergoing the punishment of attending anger management classes and being demoted to traffic duty, 50 kilos of heroin disappear from the property room of the precinct.  This theft offers Boyd an opportunity to redeem his past actions.

There is a pleasant cast of characters that assist Boyd, but the flamboyant street smart gangster Latrell Walker, played by rapper DMX, is the best.  Additionally we see Anthony Anderson as “PK” the smart talking lackey of Walker and Tom Arnold as a talk show host who decides to enlist in the cause by helping Boyd.

The balance of the film is all action and Seagal is super.  Don't expect the lousy sped up film sequences; expect state of the art action scenes, great car chases, huge explosions and Seagal to deliver in his usual bone crushing style.  The action sequences are filled with some wonderful weapons, but the hand to hand action and use of every day items (look for the paper cutter) are vintage Seagal.

Think the film is over, wait for the credits.  Tom Arnold and Anthony Anderson show up doing the talk show as co-hosts.  The comedy delivered is wonderful and will leave you laughing all the way to the car.  Imagine, an action film that can still make you laugh.

This should make the statement: Seagal is back and better than ever.

 If you are interested in seeing the “hardware” used (and it is impressive), visit the web site and look under Production Notes and then Props.  The site is

Exit Wounds

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