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Excessive Force

Excessive Force
Thomas Ian Griffin, Burt Young and Lance Henrickson

Rated: R For language, nudity and violence.
Reviewed by: Chris  
Release date: May 14, 1993 Released by: New Line Cinema

Thomas Ian Griffin (Karate Kid III) plays Terry McCain, a narcotics detective involved in a $3 million drug buy between undercover cops and the DiMarco gang, the biggest drug dealers in town. When the sale gets botched and the smoke clears, the $3 million is gone.

DiMarco (Burt Young of the Rocky movies) gets arrested, but the judge lets mim off because excessive force was used by McCain in apprehending him.

Now McCain's in deep trouble. Not only is his Captain (Lance Henrickson) coming down hard on him, but he's also one of three cops that DiMarco thinks stole his cash, and he'll do anything to get it back.

Griffin not only stars in the film, but also produced and wrote the script. Other than Clint Eastwood and Barbra Streisand, few stars can do more than one job successfully.

The script gets bogged down in the usual cliches of actin films by using excessive violence and close ups of mangled bodies. Griffin is a watchable martial artist, but he tends to overact. He's a tall, dark and handsome presence, and if in his next film he concentrates on his acting and leaves the writing and producing to more skillful hands, I'd like to see him again.

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Excessive Force     C                     C 

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