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Ever After

This is a film for the Romance Chanel, filled with castles and kings and gossamer wings and a more aggressive Cinderella.

Drew Barrymore is a convincing, if not glamorous, Cinderella who fells the Prince (Dougray Scott) with a straight fast apple.  Anjelica Houston is perfect as the evil step mother who promotes her natural, slender, blond daughter Marguerite (Megan Dodds) to the Prince. In an animated feature, she would have won, but in this presentation, spunk and literature are more appealing to Prince Henry.

Barrymore's Danielle is tough and tomboyish. She has no trouble punching out the boys around the farm, particularly when she is young and played very effectively by Anna Maguire.  Laced with all the traditional evils to conquer, Danielle is even sold to the evil Pierre Le Pieu (Richard O'Brien - Dark City).

With the French countryside as a backdrop, castles on hills, mist in the valleys, rivers to float on and a beautifully stunning royal ball in the castle courtyard of King Francis, Ever After can't miss.
This Cinderella is more for romantic adults, but I'll bet many little girls will enjoy this film, too.

Ever After


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