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The Endurance

The Endurance

This film captivates in so many ways the adventurous tasks the spirited gritty crew traveled in to survive in an inhospitable environment.

A riveting and informative documentary from the gifted George Butler recalls Sir Ernest Shackleton's voyage to Antarctica from 1914 to 1916.  The footage first taken is well preserved and Butler carefully intersperses current shots taken with interviewed descendants of Shackleton's crew.

Initially, the plan was to walk across antarctica but the bold leader's ship, The Endurance, was locked for nearly a year in the Weddell Sea by ice.  Finally, the thick ice was too much for the vessel, even though it was built to withstand such pressure.

Spending almost half a year buoyed by ice floes, the ship less crew reached a barren beach in  lifeboats.  Shackleton wasn't a sympathetic figure, even though he chose a long open-boat crossing over turbulent, icy waters to the closest inhabited island.

As two years pass, it's miraculous how Shackleton and his brave men were able to overcome the powerfully brutal forces of nature considering their British roots during the times of King Edward.  Donning wool and leather clothing as their hardships perpetuated, these voyagers endured something that even puts modern special-effects enhanced absorbing yarns like The Perfect Storm in perspective.

The Endurance

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