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End of Days

End Of Days forces us to determine if the world will end at midnight on January 1, 2000 or if Jericho Cane (Arnold Schwarzenegger) can save us.

In a dark sex filled place with dirty streets, ugly cellars, an unsafe church, catacombs which subway trains travel and a sixty year old fat woman who beats the hell out of Schwarzenegger, The Man (Gabriel Byrne) seeks to mate with Christine York (Robin Tunney) between eleven and midnight on the last day of 1999 to produce the devil's offspring and destroy existence as it is known.

Twenty years before Christine York's birth was marked by a secret ceremony, in which the henchmen of The Man place rattle snake blood in the mouth of the baby and mark her body with a symbol which will identify her in twenty years.  Living an opulent life provided by step parents who killed her parents she continues to experience disturbing dreams in which she engages in sex with The Man.  She even hallucinates on the subway imagining a frightening looking homeless man reveling her future as he crystallizes and shatters into pieces.  Byrne is as good a devil as can be.  He has no mercy and no empathy even for those who are loyal to him.  He reaches into the dress of an unsuspecting woman and fondles her while kissing her, she is mesmerized.  Two minutes later the restaurant she is in blows up in a ball of fire.  Christine is equally repelled and attracted to this devil.

The Man is the target of the Vatican, his success means the Devil wins.  But the Catholic clergy is split, one group wearing a sacred heart pierced by a sword is determined to kill Christine to avoid the mating, the other lead by the Pope want to protect her from her fate.   Christine is pursued by the faithful priests, the renegade priests and The Man.  Jericho Cane is her only hope.

To end the violence and danger produced by The Man, the Schwarzenegger's character destroys half of New York City.

Jericho, along with his side-kick Chicago (Kevin Pollak) who keeps us laughing in a part that is too short, must deal with torn eyes that are stitched together, open sex, murdering bands of priests, crowds that rush a church a-la The Omega Man, thousands in Times Square, an audience for the implantation of the Devil's seed like in Rosemary's Baby, a Polish woman who speaks in ancient languages and shows the signs of Stigmata, Rod Steiger as Farther Kovak and an avenging sword.  All to save the World and reunite him with his lost wife and daughter.

Even with a great deal of copy cat scenes, End Of Days won't let us go, it demands attention, after all we do want the World to be saved.

End of Days

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