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Eight Crazy Nights

Eight Crazy Nights

8 Crazy Nights is one of those films where you find yourself asking repeatedly “who the hell actually gives to go ahead to release this crap!“  Unfortunately the answer is we as a viewing audience do.  It seems that whenever an actor/actress has a good run of success at the box office, the box office becomes a gold mine and our pockets deliver the prize.

This film is one so sickeningly sweet and yet so vulgar I have to wonder if it was a good-hearted holiday story, a teen idiot film or something I have completely missed.  The main character is a young man who through the loss of his parents at a young age has turned into - pardon the expression - a real asshole.

After many experiences with the law, he is about to go to jail for a significant period of time when a good hearted “little person” who is the town basketball referee talks the judge into releasing him to his custody.

What follows is the unraveling of the past and as expected the bad boy turns good and redeems himself.  The problem is that by this time you don't care if he goes to jail, gets eaten by aliens or hit by a bus.  There is no story here that has not been told before and significantly better.  You will find yourself gritting your teeth as the sappy songs play out, the lost love returns (God knows why!) and hoping the third version of Sandler's Chanukah song will somehow bring this film either to a climax or thankfully to an end.

Alas, his much anticipated third try at this now holiday classic, to put it short, sucks.  The stretches for rhymes in lyrics are bad; hell the lyrics in general are bad and forced.  When will a performer learn that some things are better let alone, improvements only cheapen the original or in this case the third attempt is more of bastardization than improved or in fact even funny.

Please don't think me a snob, I loved Sandler's previous works, especially Mr. Deeds and Happy Gilmore.  Sandler has found many a way to capture the world though our eyes and play it back in a version that we would all love to see.  His comic timing and physical humor are wonderful, while his ironic views of the world are hilarious.

In short, save your money and hope that Sandler will redeem himself in his coming works.

Eight Crazy Nights

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