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Dying Young

Dying Young
Campbell Scott, Julia Roberts and David Selby

Rated: R for language
Reviewed by: Chris  
Release date: June 21, 1991

Victor Geddes (Campbell Scott - Longtime Companion) hires Hillary O'Neill (Julia Roberts - Sleeping With The Enemy) to care for mim while he undergoes chemotherapy. With little nursing training, she takes the job mainly because it includes room and board and pays in cash. She doesn't realize what a tough job she's taken on, the treatments are painful and debilitating.

Victor lives in an austere basement apartment in his wealthy father's mansion. He lives a lonely existence, his father (David Selby) is busy with his career and he has no visitors. Hillary's beauty is like a ray of sunshine in Victor's world. The two have nothing in common; Hillary has little education, likes nightclubs and drinking beer from the bottle and Victor is an intellectual who likes classical music and modern art. They rent a house at the beach and the new environment seems to hasten Victor's recovery.

Roberts proves that she's not just a one-role movie actress, she's beautiful, expressive and natural on screen. Scott is a wonderful young actor. He has inherited his talent from his parents (George C. Scott and Colleen Dewhurst). His acting experience is from Broadway, which probably accounts for his clear, smooth-sounding voice - it's mesmerizing. Colleen Dewhurst has a small part as a neighbor who befriends the young couple.

Dying Young is a lovely, romantic story that's not depressing or hopeless but you should still bring your hankies.

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