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Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons

As Dungeons & Dragons begins we are swept over water into a computer simulated town, through a canal, past gates and into a dungeon where we meet the villainous Profion (Jeremy Irons) and a stunningly realistic dragon that attempts to devour the camera and Profion.  Immediately we know this will be a computer generated treat.  The hitch is that is all we get.

The performers are reduced to simplistic lines and as Irons grabs a scepter he looks like George Bush grabbing for the presidency as he says "it's mine at last".  Thora Birch is shallow as the  Empress Savina, the one Irons' Profion is attempting to overthrow.  Ridley (Justin Whalin - Jimmy Olsen in Lois and Clark), carries his role as the anointed future carrier of the scepter with the power to gain entrance to the final battle location, by passing through one of many secret portholes that pop up regularly.  Marlon Wayans' Snails brings comic relief as Ridley's sidekick and Kristen Wilson's Norda is the special beauty who he is attracted to.

The dull complex script is difficult to follow, but the special effects which allow a yellow Ridley to come back to life and dragons to fly and fight are remarkable; they even allow the five main characters to reunite as spiritual beings in the end.

Dungeons & Dragons

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