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Dudley Do-Right

Dudley Do-Right was a bright moment in the television cartoon world.  Part of Rocky and Bullwinkle, it was silly enough for kids and clever enough to draw adults.  Brendan Fraser's Dudley Do-Right repeats the formula.

Dudley continues his battle with Snidley Whiplash (Alfred Molina) who has salted lakes and caves with pieces of gold, to create a gold rush from the United States which will make the town he owns (by stealing and foreclosing) very wealthy.  He becomes legitimate and through political influence has Dudley removed from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Dudley loses his job, his horse and Nell Fenwick (Sarah Jessica Parker) all at the same time.  With his friend, the prospector (Eric Idle) and the help the Indian Chief (Alex Rocco), Dudley, as is expected, turns it around and wins back Nell, his job and his horse.

The silly comedy and delightful empty head of Dudley carries the day against landing craft, tanks and Snidley's army of black capped followers, while he and Nell sing "Indian Love Call".

Parker acts and looks like the cartoon Nell; Robert Prosky is perfect as Inspector Fenwick; Fraser again shows his comic side, and Rocco and Idle are perfect.

Playing with Dudley, is the cartoon Fractured Fairy Tales: The Phox, The Box and The Lox, which adds to the feeling of the original show.  It is a typical clever but simplistic tale of a greedy fox and the second dumbest man in town.  Guess who gets the fortune and the girl.

Together they make great family entertainment.

Dudley Do Right


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