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Drop Dead Gorgeous

Entering the famous Miss Teen Princess beauty contest in Mont Rose, Minnesota can bring victory defeat and death.  "Yah, you betcha!"

When Beckey Leeman (Denise Richards) a television anchorwoman-in-waiting is challenged in the contest, a number of seventeen year old girls bite the dust.  Amber Atkins (Kristen Dunst) is up for the challenge; she is skilled, sexy and raised on second-hand smoke from her one armed mother (Ellen Barkin).  Amber also has the luck to refuse sea food at just the right time.  Mrs. Leeman (Kriste Alley), a former winner, hosts the contest which her daughter is expected to win.  She is the moving power behind the event and is willing to do anything to bring success to her daughter who is expected to be the next Diane Sawyer.

This absurd, silly, out of control comic parody of beauty contests uses every ugly possibility that could occur to create comedy.  Alley and particularly Barkin delight with tongue-in-cheek performances presented in documentary style.

Check reality and logic at the door before seeing Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Drop Dead Gorgeous


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