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Dr. Dolittle 2

Dr. Dolittle 2

Eddie Murphy returns as the veterinarian who can talk to and understand animals.  Animals of all shapes, sizes and varieties live in and around the house that he shares with his wife (Kristen Wilson) and two daughters.

Dolittle is coping with a teenage daughter (played by Ravan-Simone - the Cosby Show's youngest cutie, now all grown up) who's just beginning to date and a wife who is feeling neglected.  No wonder, with all the noise and confusion of talking animals around.

To add to the doctor's troubles, the forest animals need his help.  A raccoon goes to the Dr. to plead their case.  It seems that an evil logger (Jeffrey Jones) plans to flat cut the forest, leaving the animals homeless.

A judge will stop the logging, if the endangered female bear that lives there, can reproduce.  Since she's the only one of her species.  Dolittle brings in a male bear, hoping that they will have baby bears.  However, since the bear that Dolittle gets was a circus performer, he knows more about soft shoe and bike riding than honey gathering and living in the wild.  So, the Doctor has to teach him everything, including how to woo the lovely Eva.

Murphy is such a pleasant comic actor, even when he's surrounded by cute talking animals, he holds his own.

There's a funny little monkey dressed in an organ grinder outfit, an untrustworthy weasel, a big, old beaver who acts like the head of a mafia gang, and the smart-talking raccoon, to name a few of the characters.

Kids will find the animals cute and laugh at their bathroom antics (a necessary evil for any kid film lately) and adults will find enough laughs aimed at them to enjoy Dr. Dolittle 2.

Dr. Dolittle 2

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