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Dr. Dolittle

It's as if movie makers are afraid to produce a film that's too syrupy sweet when dealing with cute animals.  Instead of taking a cue from the terrific movie Babe, they go in the opposite direction and throw in as many crude sight gags and bodily function references as possible in a lame attempt to get a few laughs.

The laughs, however are scarce and are supplied mostly by Chris Rock, who provides the voice for a talking guinea pig.

Eddie Murphy plays Dr. Dolittle, a San Francisco medical doctor, who as a child had a gift for being able to talk to his dog.  He had forgotten all about it until he hit his head as an adult, and all of a sudden he's chatting with four- legged creatures again.

Dolittle encounters a number of animals with different personalities.  Albert Brooks, the self-effacing actor, is the voice of a sad tiger and Norm MacDonald provides the voice of a wise-cracking mongrel.

Murphy is low-key and likable, and the animals are as cute as can be.  The only thing missing, which would have made it a real family winner, is a script free of tasteless jokes.

Dr. Dolittle


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