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Dragon Wars

Dragon Wars
Jason Behr, Amanda Rooks, Robert Forster, Craig Robinson, Elizabeth Pena,
Chris Mulkey, Aimee Garcia, John Ales and Cody Arens

Rated: PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and creature action
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: September 14, 2007 Released by: Youngguart Entertainment

Based on a Korean legend, dragon like creatures will return to devastate the Earth every 500 years.

This Korean/American film has invested heavily in CGI which allows the creatures to climb buildings, fly and roar as they attempt to devour the hero, a reporter Ethan Kendrick (Jason Behr). The story begins in 1507 in Korea where the heroin chooses to die rather than carry out the evil legend. But 500 hundred years later a new dragon lady (Amanda Rooks) appears on the west coast of the United States and when she reaches 20 she can have the power to reincarnate Imoogi.

As the producers mix Korean and English using sub-tittles, English in the U.S. version and Korean in the Korean film. The action takes place in the United States and the Dragons destroy most of Los Angeles in their romp to capture the Imoogi.

Look for pieces of old science fiction films, the lead is a reporter - sounds like Godzilla. Even though CGI is used they look a lot like The Beast From Twenty Thousand Fathoms. The staging for the take over of the young dragon lady looks remarkably like the alter in King Kong. But while money is spent on CGI and there is a semblance of those old creature features which were spectacular in their day, the script and the tone of the film appear amateurish.

With Robert Forster as Jack the antique store owner, a mystic fairy god-father and Elizabeth Pena who is part of the investigation group who, after the giant dragons have destroyed half the city, figure out that there are big dragons attacking the city. Their talents are wasted. The salvation of the film may come in midnight showings where the audience can mimic and laugh at the supposed serious scenes.

Even after a very successful run in Korea D War remains a film that looks like we are in the hands of the makers of the rubber Godzilla vs The Smog Monster.

  Frank Chris Tony Jim Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Dragon Wars C-             C-

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