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Dracula 2000

Even with biblical help the old horror masters are getting stale.  Producer Wes Craven has splashed the screen with more blood than even Dracula can lap up and with first time Director Patrick Lussier, who has edited a number of Craven's productions, we get even more blood and destruction, with little innovation.

Dracula 2000 lies in a technical high security vault in London that hasn't been opened for a hundred years.  But state of the art thieves believing there is treasurer in the vault open the coffin and let the blood thirsty monster out into the world.  Dracula (Gerard Butler - Mrs. Brown) quickly lets it be known that he can take on the thieves by biting, impaling, cutting and allowing Marcus (Omar Epps) to loose his head.

Moving to New Orleans to find Mary Heller (Justine Waddell) who is the daughter of Abraham Van Helsing (Christopher Plummer) the very elderly keeper of the Dracula coffin.  Dracula begins to convert followers, who all turn out to be very sexy young women.  One of his converts is news reporter Valerie Sharpe (Jeri Ryan - Star Trek: Voyager) who could use her "Seven of Nine" strength to stay free from the Dracula collaborative.  Keeping with the biblical tie Simon (Jonny Lee Miller) follows the group to the United States to help Van Helsing.

As Mary and Simon save Dracula, we are exposed to an interesting twist, but it's too late for most of the characters and beyond our willingness to pay attention.

Dracula 2000

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