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Down With Love

Down With Love

If a remake of the Doris Day/Rock Hudson comedies (Pillow Talk) had to be made, Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor are the perfect choice for the job.

In this classy romance, Renee plays Barbara Novak, a girl from Maine who writes a bestseller called "Down With Love".  It's about a system for women to become more like men by having sex without being in love, and therefore, having more time to devote to getting ahead in corporate America.  Sounds pretty modern, right?  Well, this little tale takes place in 1962.

Enter ladies man, Catcher Block (McGregor in a debonair performance) a writer for KNOW magazine, who wants to expose Barbara's book as a piece of fiction and its author as a phony opportunist.

The look of the film is fabulous.  The production designers spared no money when on the expansive sets.  Their apartments are terrific; hers: furnished in sleek low slung sofas covered in pink and red fabric with a wall of windows overlooking the New York skyline; and his: moody, dark and gadget filled with a remote controlled hidden bar, a sofa that turns into a bed and a top of the line stereo system just what a dashing man about town needs to seduce his latest conquest.

David Hyde Pierce (Frasier) is on hand as Block's friend and boss, a role that would be typically played by Tony Randall in the sixties.  But, to add to the fun, Randall himself appears as the Chairman of the Board of Barbara's publishing house.

McGregor is every bit as suave as his predecessors and Zellweger is very natural as Barbara.  She has a modern look, but at the same time can easily take on the appearance of an old fashioned, shy heroine.

This is a fluffy, double entendre filled film where the stylish outfits and elaborate sets are as important as its sexy banter.  So sit back, relax and be prepared to be totally entertained.

Down With Love

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