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Doug's First Movie

Disney's full-length animated feature is based on the ABC television series.  It stars the average, lovable adolescent Doug Funnie who's faced with every teenager's dilemma, popularity or doing what is right.

Patti Mayonnaise is the love of his life but he is hesitant to ask her to the dance and whenever he approaches her things go wrong.  Of course there is a perfect male teen, Guy Graham who is also interested in Patti.  Like most teens Doug is insecure about his ability to deal with his affection for Patty.

In this episode Doug and his pal Skeeter discover that the mythical monster of Lucky Duck Lake is real and that a leading citizen in the town is responsible for polluting the lake.  The monster, it turns out is a sweet carrying lizard who becomes an alien like friend to Doug and Skeeter.  Rounding things out is Connie Benge the rich influential girl about town.

Take out the mythical monster and we are looking at a modern Archie with his pal Jughead.  The characters are teens but the program and this film are aimed at a younger audience.   Probably those younger kids who wish they were all grown and teenagers today.

This is a very decent, pleasant set of characters.  They do not offend and they attempt to do the right thing.  Kids should like it and the good guys win.  What more could a parent ask for!

Doug's First Movie


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