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Double Take Double Take

Mixing humor with a money laundering and a murder caper make this film a cut above the rest.

Orlando Jones plays Daryl Chase, a successful businessman who is wanted by the FBI.  He's under investigation because a Mexican soft drink company deposited millions of dollars into his account, and he was found in an apartment with a dead body.

To escape the cops, he changes identity with Freddy Tiffani (Eddie Griffin), a street smart flim flam man.  It's a funny visual to see Chase, a cultured, Harvard graduate, swaggering with attitude and talking jive, as Tiffani takes on a polished, sophisticated air to match the expensive suit he puts on.

Once Tiffani has outlasted his usefulness, Chase wants to shake him, but Freddy keeps showing up.  The two, so different from one another, make a fun couple.  One is loud, rebellious and full of himself, while the other is smooth and snobby.  They annoy the heck out of each other.

The storyline is more fully developed than most comedies usually offer.  There's a number of different characters and quite a bit of action interspersed with the laughs.  There's also some unexpected violence, but very effective humor is the main ingredient.

Jones and Griffin are quite entertaining and I'd like to see them paired again.

Double Take

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