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Double Jeopardy

The premise of the movie, i.e.: the ability to not be tried for the same crime twice, is, in fact, intriguing.  The only problem is that much is lost in translation from fact to screen.

Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones are the only reason this film is watchable and a partial success.  Both Judd and Jones have such on screen power that you forget the meager script and watch the relationship of their characters develop.  Jones' ability to take what were really some horrible lines and turn them into verbal jewels is one of the saving graces of the film.  Judd's physical beauty and her ability to show her emotions with her face and eyes and determination provided a driving force the script lacked.

The crux of the film is that the wife of a wealthy businessman is accused of his murder and sent to jail.  The discovery of his death is very well played, but much is missing in the developing plot.  After convection, the wife, Libby Parsons played by Judd, arranges for her best friend to care for her young son.  The husband, Nick Parsons played by Bruce Greenwood, turns up during a phone call to the son and Libby knows he is alive.   Ex-hubby, friend and son go missing and Judd becomes determined to regain her life and her son.  Judd does her time, sweet talks a parole board and the chase is on.

There are a few twists to this story, but in the end, justice is served and once again we are reminded that a mediocre script can be saved by only some great acting.

Go see this one just for actors...forget the script.  It's been done before and done better.

Double Jeopardy


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