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District 13: Ultimatum

District 13: Ultimatum
Cyril Raffaelli, David Belle, Philippe Torreton, Daniel Duval, Elodie Yung

Rated: R for some violence, language and drug material
Reviewed by: Jim  
Release date: February 5, 2010 Released by: Magnolia Films

Kinetic, convenient, and silly, this visceral foreign action picture follow-up should appease fans of films like The Transporter and Unleashed.

District 13: Ultimatum comes from Luc Besson (writer and producer) and has a likeable twosome in Cyril Raffaelli and David Belle.

Their cop and shady free-runner (both very well-conditioned) return to the titular French locale in 2013 where a tattered status quo remains. It's now a mission to pacify a troubled area controlled by a quartet of mafiosos before the secret service stage drastic measures.

Daniel Duval is the enigmatic boss Gassman and Pierre-Marie Mosconi as Roland for the security who have the new president (Philippe Torreton) believing in the course of action which includes taking care of the energetic, arguably dynamic duo.

In a way, Besson unsubtly latches onto the current global zeitgeist as there is "Harriburton" which would construct a new socio-economic favorable environment on this ruined sector. Albeit with quite a variety of giddy, zesty people from Africa to Asia, as well as skinheads and nomadic folk.

So, in this unsubtle frenzy Raffaelli and Belle enjoy the charged choreography which lets the elusive Damien and Leito soar and slide and exhibit some physical might amplified by the movie's pounding soundtrack.

With its exhiliration for a gritty, viscous visuals, Ultimatum, as directed by Patrick Alessandrin, follows the pattern of Pierre Morel (whose career has taken off with Taken and of late From Paris with Love) to pump up the proceedings like an intense music video.

While there's a graceful gratuitousness to it all, Raffaelli has an amusing sequence in drag and a bodacious Elodie Yung as ponytailed Tao adds some female empowerment to powercorn entertainment, mindless mayhem when there is refusal to toe the line.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
District 13: Ultimatum        B-                  B- 

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