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Diggstown, Georgia is a big boxing town, named after a legendary local fighter.

John Gillon (played by the ever sinister Bruce Dern) owns most of the farms and businesses in the area, and runs his town with a bully's mentality.

Gabe Kane (James Woods) a con man just released from jail, strolls into Diggstown to make a few bucks off the nasty Gillon.  He bets him that retired boxer "Honey Roy Palmer (Lou Gossett, Jr.) can knock out ten of Gillon's men in just 24 hours.

Giflon takes the bet, sure that the 48-year-old has-been is no match for his fighters.

The first half of the film is spent setting up the sting and the second half takes place in the ring.  You can be sure there are plenty of bribes and dirty tricks being exchanged by both camps.

Kane has the cushy part here; he smiles a lot, wears a great white suit and gives orders, with the same nervous energy that Woods is known for.  "Honey" Roy, on the other hand, has to train (Gossett lost more than 30 pounds for this role) to get into fighting shape.  He runs, spars and then once in the ring, gets punched until swollen and bloody.

Gabe explains early in the film that the difference between a "hustler and a good con man, is that the hustler has to get out of town, but the con man leaves when he wants to."  Woods, Gossett and
Dern are three great actors who stay in town just long enough to entertain thoroughly.  It's never a mystery who's going to win, but there's a surprise fun ending that makes this action cornedy a bang-up hit.

It is rated R for language and violence.


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