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Detroit Rock City

Four high school students Hawk (Edward Furlong), Lex (Giuseppe Andrews), Jam (Sam Huntington) and Trip (James De Bello) are determined to attend a KISS concert in Detroit.  When the tickets are discovered and burned by Jam's Church lady mother (Lin Shaye), the four must find another set of tickets to attend the KISS extravaganza.

Initially the four would be rock stars, (their band is Mystery, with a distorted S similar to the KISS S's) carry on at school in comical irresponsible ways which range from bland to hilarious.  Even their trip in a Volvo secretly borrowed from Lex's mother has brushes with comedy, but upon arriving in Detroit the film collapses into absurdities which make little sense and generally insult everyone.

From collapsing girl's bathrooms to the number thirteen they finally reach their goal and Jam gets back his drum sticks in dramatic fashion. The music from the seventies is wide ranging and interesting but Detroit is a lost city not a rock city in this delinquent adolescent adventure.

It is rated (R) for language and nudity.

Detroit Rock City


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