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Desperate Measures

Andy Garcia will do anything to save his dying son in this taut new thriller.

Garcia plays a San Francisco cop whose son needs a bone marrow transplant, but the only matching donor is a homicidal maniac, played by a lean and mean Michael Keaton.

The prisoner is brought into the hospital, strapped to the operating table and just when the procedure is about to begin, he escapes leaving a lot of bodies in his wake.

Although the entire police force is after this guy and couldn't care less if he's captured dead or alive, only Garcia wants him in perfect condition so he can finish the operation. While trying to save Keaton's life, Garcia puts his coworkers' lives in jeopardy in return.

Keaton's character is an intelligent killer. The mind games he plays and his elaborate escape plan adds interest to an otherwise run-of-the-mill psycho.

Garcia is good as the cop who doesn't think twice about protecting a killer for very selfish reasons.

Although the story is hard to swallow at times, the chase scenes are tense and well executed, and Keaton's quirky performance is good enough to hold your attention throughout.

It is rated R for adult language and violence.

Desperate Measures


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