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Deliver Us From Eva

Deliver Us From Eva

Gary Hardwick puts a moderately charming offering called Deliver Us From Eva before the movie-going date crowd just before Valentine's Day.  LL Cool J and Gabrielle Union are the leads in a story of three men trying to get back at the controlling older sister of their three significant others.  Hardwick's fans of The Brothers will probably have fun the interplay between men and women in a romantic, somewhat crazy variation on Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew."

Union is cast against type as the titular target of the guys who use LL Cool J's Ray to take this tough-talking girl down off her high horse.  The title also might register with praying folks and Old Testament readers.  It looks like Hardwick's slick product, even with narrative looping and split screens, is poised to lure audiences beyond urban markets like Two Can Play At That Game.

The screenplay from Hardwick, James Iver Mattson, and B.E. Brauner has an answer to make the scolding Eva go away.  Fiancee Michael (Duane Martin) and hubbies, Darrell (Dartanyan Edmonds) and Tim (Mel Jackson) help Ray out financially to use his Lothario presence to emotionally distance Eva from her family.

Perhaps the later part of the film goes overboard with a subplot involving a kidnaping that would make things like they were, taking shots from the equestrian harridan.  Ray and Eva go in spurts emotionally that may prove a little wearisome as some of the editing underlines the touchier prankish moments.

With a rhythmic pop and soul soundtrack, the lively, if chaotic Eva may be the ticket that knows how not to lose its audience like many other studio films.

Deliver Us From Eva

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