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Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

This story revolves around a local myth and truth as it is told.  It seems that a rather eccentric local woman would give children money for their last baby tooth.  The collector of the last vestiges of childhood, Matilda Dixon is horribly disfigured in a house fire, forcing her to wear a porcelain mask and as a result the children stop coming.  When some of the local children come up missing, she is blamed and while being taken to the gallows swears she will take revenge on generations to come.

This intro is the absolute best part of the film and truly intrigued me.  Pity that is where the movie actually should have ended.  Fast forward to modern times and we meet a young boy, Kyle (Chaney Kley), who is afraid of the dark and as a result ends up seeing the spirit of Matilda Dixon.  Intent on destroying the boy, this ghoul terrorizes him and ultimately kills his mother for which he is blamed.

Fast forward again 12 years and we find Kyle returning home to help an old girlfriend (Emma Caulfield) whose brother is suffering from night terrors and is being chased by the macabre tooth fairy just as he was as a child.  As the tale goes, this creature can only get you in the dark, as in you are safe if you stay in the light.

From here the story goes no place but down as the action is not scary, the effects not so special and the sound track dreary.  Let it be said that good conquers evil and love wins yet another day.

The only recommendation I can provide is for those looking for a catnap as this film will bore you to sleep in its brief 85 minutes.

Darkness Falls

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