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Daddy Day Care

Daddy Day Care

Eddie Murphy has had a good run acting opposite animals in both Dr. Doolittle films, so here he tries his hand opposite some cute kids.

He plays Charlie Hinton, an advertising executive who is fired when his ad campaign for vegetable flavored cereal (ugh) gets dumped.

His wife Kim (Regina King) goes back to work so Charlie has to stay home with young son Ben (adorable Khamani Griffin).

Ben had been attending an expensive day care run by strict by-the-books Miss Haridan (Angelica Huston doing her best wicked witch imitation - remember Witches).  But, after being out of work for a while, Charlie finds he can't afford the pricey school any longer, so he comes up with the bright idea of opening a day are in his home.

With the help of his friend and ex-coworker Phil (Jeff Garlin - HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm") they open up to a bunch of squirming little ones.  And before you can say "sugar high," the place is overflowing with out-of-control three-year-old kids.

The two men haven't a clue as to how to run a proper day care.  The kids are given sweets to snack on and basically have the run of the place.  Realizing they need "structure," they call in just the guy to organize things - funny man, Steve Zahn!

The kids are cute and provide some challenge for the otherwise capable grown men.  There's a kid who refuses to take off his Super hero costume, another who will only enter the day care if he's paid cash every morning, and Charlie's own son who is too shy to make friends rounds out the class.

There's the requisite bathroom humor (which, thank goodness, is mild by today's standards) and just enough comedy to keep both young kids and their parents entertained.

Daddy Day Care

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