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Criss Cross

Goldie Hawn stars as a divorced mother of a 12-year-old son (David Amott), who lives in Key West, Florida in the 1960s.

Their story is told by the boy, whose father (Keith Carradine), a navy pilot in Vietnam, left them after he couldn't cope with the aftermath of war.

Goldie waitresses during the day and works at a strip bar at night.  Her son has three part-time jobs, he delivers newspapers, picks up fish for a local restaurant and sells snacks at the ballpark.

The boy is on the verge of manhood, curious about sex and taking on the role of man-of-the-house, chastising his mother for smoking, her job and choice of men.

There are no surprises here.  From the opening scene you can see the boy heading for trouble.  The problem is the development of the story is so slow and meandering, you just don't care about these people anymore.  The lazy, laid-back atmosphere of the 60s is well represented in the look of the movie; if only the story didn't match it.

It is rated R for adult content.

Criss Cross


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