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The Crew The Crew

Senior citizens are hot this season with Clint Eastwood's over the hill astronauts in Space Cowboys, and now The Crew with old mobsters.

Burt Reynolds, Dan Hedaya, Richard Dreyfuss and Seymour Cassel star as one time New York mobsters who retire to a run down Miami Beach apartment.

Bobby (Dreyfuss), Bats (Reynolds) The Brick (Hedaya) and Mouth (Cassel) have part time jobs, but mostly they sit in front of their building waiting for something to happen.  Something does happen when they decide to save their apartment block from being taken over by the rich, beautiful people.

They think that if a dead body is found in the lobby, the new tenants will leave, but they don't want to really whack anyone.  So they take a corpse from the morgue, where The Brick works as a makeup artist, and put it in their lobby.

But, before you can say Early Bird Special, Mouth blabs to his date, a local stripper (Jennifer Tilley), that his gang is responsible for the killing.   In exchange for not telling the cops, she wants them to take out her step mother (Lainie Kazan), who does a funny bit as part owner of the local deli.

Although most of the situations are forced, some of the gags are quite funny.  Like the guys piling into their old Cadillac, holding up the torn convertible top to head for the all you can eat dinner before 5 PM - so they can have free soup.

The film has its flaws, but it's great to see all of these talented actors together having a good time.

The Crew

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