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Daniel Bernhardt, Mehcad Brooks, Dillion Casey, Amanda Fuller, Sid Haig, Aaron Hill, Rebekah Kennedy, Serinda Swan and Jennifer Lynn Warren

Rated: R 
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: September 9, 2011 Released by: The Bubble Factory

Creature is an ugly dark, silly play based on the same theory behind Rosemary's Baby.

I'm not sure why films about maniac halfwits tend to be written for states in the Southern United States. Even Straw Dogs 2011 is played in the South as opposed to the 1971 version with Dustin Hoffman played in the English country side. Could the woods of Maine have been used?

A free weekend at a historical home deep in a Spanish moss filled swamp like atmosphere is offered and six young folks take up the offer. The general store which is the first stop is filled with creepy hangings and a clerk who has a video camera in the ladies room.

The cabin is a decaying mess, a lair far from civilization as we know it, but not far enough to be away from the clan which Grimley the monster (Daniel Bernhardt) came from. Sid Haig is the chopper and he both looks the part and acts with his ax to remove feet as a tool of capture. While one couple decides to make love on a blanket in the swampy wet atmosphere.

It seems in the past Grimley found his DNA mixed with an alligator from the swamp he now looks like The Swamp Thing but he is not as nice.

The atmosphere is set for grim, brutal, violent action as the crazy locals seek a young woman to help continue the Grimley line. Caroline (Rebekah Kennedy) is the loose blond willing to play with the boys and girls; she appears to be perfect but is rejected by the chopper.

Nearly all of them get chopped up one way or another while they shout bland dialogue. The surviving woman has a final scene in which we can tell the Grimley family line will continue. If the film were not so bad there might have been a sequel.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Creature  D      D-                  D 

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