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The Country Bears

The Country Bears

Disney's most recent venture into the film market should be a lesson to both Disney and those of us who actually like Disney films.  That lesson is one of quality not quantity.  Disney has been releasing more and more films and with each additional release their quality diminishes.

The Country Bears is yet another attempt at making kids feel good, but this one fails horribly.  With a story just a shade off of Lilo & Stitch, we see a young bear, yes a bear instead of an alien, who is adopted (sound familiar so far) by a good hearted family only to feel that he does not belong.  This devolves into a sickeningly sweet tale of a boy looking for where he belongs and where he came from.  Problem is it is not a boy but a bear.

In his search for his identity, this young bear, Beary (cute spelling) decides to find the music hall of a group called The Country Bears.  This was a group modeled after what can only be the Grateful Dead, except they have now broken up.  Learning that this music hall, the Country Bear Hall, is about to be torn down, Beary decides to reunite the band.  Imagine reuniting the Beatles, Guns ní Roses or even all the members of any popular band that has gone to separate projects - good luck!

This good intentioned film shows the fantasy of just how easy that occurs and it all plays out to a happy ending.  Problem is that the script is bad; it was like watching a remake of The Monkees television show with H.R. Puffinstuff and crew as the leads.  While some of the music was good, the story just stunk.  Even the kids in the audience were bored as the Bears are not fun to look at, watch or even listen to.

If this were done as an animation, perhaps there could have been better movement than adults and kids in huge fur covered suits.  Additionally animation would have allowed for some extra fun that can not occur in real life.  That is what is missing from this film: Fun.

With this one, you really want the popcorn hot, the soda cold and to look for me in the back row, three seats in as I'll be more amusing to watch than this film.

The Country Bears

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