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Cool World

Kim Basinger is almost as perfect as the "doodle" Holli Would, as she is as a real girl after the fulfillment of her wish to become a real girl.  Ralph Bakshi's Cool World is a frantic place created by cartoonist Jack Deebs (Gabriel Byme, Miller's Crossing) who is absorbed into the fantasy world by Holli as was Frank Harris (Brad Pitt) in 1942.

The combined animation and live-action film relied principally on four techniques: blue screen backgrounds, rotoscope, illustrated sets and an updated concept of the multiplane camera, a technical marvel created by the Disney Studios in 1937.  The interaction from human world to "doodle" world is effected by a "doodle" scientist who invented a spike which allows the transition to occur.  The spike allows humans to travel to Cool World without event, but when Holli travels to the real world the space time continuum is changed and she endangers the existence of the entire universe.  She must return.

But Holli enjoys being a real girl.  "Think of all the real men out there", she says as she enters a bar after she becomes Kim Basinger.  To accomplish her transition she must have sex with a real male.  Frank Harris, the 40s detective, avoids Holli but Jack Deebs is not aware of the danger and it doesn't take her long to put him on a bed and change herself into Basinger.

Bakshi begins with a brilliant futuristic perpetual motion cartoon; in the initial scenes there is more than one can absorb and Holli Would even as a "doodle" is quite sexually exciting.  The resolution of the film is more difficult but OK for a fantasy.

The only problem lies with the sexual content of the film; it is mild and comical for adults but what about the kids?  The sexual content is nothing like Bakshi's X rated Fritz the Cat, but sex is a major part of the film.

Cool World

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