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Cookie's Fortune

In the early days of televison live plays were performed about the South.  As a kid I called them Southern shows.  In my eyes they were slow and unappealing.  They were, however, filled with rich interesting characters that had great appeal to adults who watched.  Cookie's Fortune is drama which takes place in the South, it is filled with interesting unusual characters and a subtle plot that is both comical and distinguished.

Jewel Mae ‘Cookie' Orcutt (Patricia Neal) a pipe smoking elderly woman, shares her home with Willis Richland (Charles S. Dutton) a black man who has lived in her home for many years.  He came to live with Cookie and her husband before she became a widow.  Cookie talks to her dead husband and longs to be with him.  Cookie's actions cause her relatives to act in various unusual ways.  Camille Dixon (Glenn Close - she can play any part) the maiden aunt takes extraordinary action to preserve the family reputation.  With Cora Duvall (Julianne Moore) she begins an action which places Willis in danger and brings a captivating array of law enforcement officers into the plot. Eddie (Matt Malloy) is the stilted forensic expert, Lester Boyle (Ned Beatty) is Willis' fishing partner, Otis Tucker (Courtney B. Vance) is the investigator and Billy Cox (Danny Darst) is the sheriff.  The conspiracy they must unravel grows more and more complex  before any resolution is in sight. In the hands of Director, Robert Altman, the emergence of Emma Duval (Liv Tyler) is just one more twist between the Duvals, Richlands, Orcutts and Dixons.

A cleaver twisting setup and brilliant cast make Cookie's Fortune irresistible.

Cookie's Fortune


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