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Coma is a classic mystery with touches of Hitchcock suspense and twists.  It can be enjoyed by all.

Dr. Susan Wheeler (Genevieve Bujold), a doctor at Boston Memorial Hospital, suspects a large number of comatose patients are not accidental.  Her queries to various superiors and to Mark Bellows (Michael Douglas), her lover, are passed off as an emotional reaction to the coma which her close friend has fallen into.

The film is suspenseful and moves quickly toward its climax in which Dr. Wheeler discovers the reason and cause of the coma syndrome.

Miss Bujold carries her part as heroine very well; she is feminine but determined and shows strength while her male colleagues refuse to question the strange goings on.

Special effects, particularly in the Jefferson institute, are excellent and provide an ominous setting for Bujold to discover where the bodies disappear to.  In one particular scene the killer chases Miss Bujold into a cold storage locker filled with dead bodies.  Her escape is perfectly played and staged; it is frightening and eerie as the climax to a long chase scene.

Coma is well worth a seeing, it's a classic terror mystery.


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