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Color of Night

Color of Night
Bruce Willis, Scott Bakula, Lesley Ann Warren, Jane March, Lance Henriksen and Brad Dourif

Rated: R  for violence and sex.
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: August 19, 1994 Released by: Hollywood Pictures

Bruce Willis deserves better. So does the public.

The script is silly, over acted and poorly directed and everyone pushes harder on their characters than is necessary for a good story. Willis plays a psychologist who acts more like his Die Hard character than a thoughtful, mild mannered analyst. He never shows fear as the bodies fall around him. He walks into dark rooms and buildings as if he were acting in a light comedy. Even the high walls and barbed wire around his friend's house don't give him a clue to be careful.

Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap) is Willis' best friend, who is an analyst with a strange group of patients who meet at night to work out their problems. Lesley Ann Warren plays Sondra Dorio, an over-sexed middle aged woman who craves sex with a woman. Lance Henriksen plays (Buck) a wealthy young artist who is volatile and vulnerable at the same time. Brad Dourif is Clark, a witty, obsessive compulsive lawyer in the group. As time passes, members of the group are violently killed. Rose (Jane March) is a seductive, sensual young woman who has more secrets than anyone in the group. She comes to Willis as part of the package when he takes over his murdered friend's home. Rose appears and disappears throughout the film. Ruben Blades is the L.A. cop who attempts top find the killer. His character is so hollow he can't see what the audience has figured out in the first act.

As for the sensual scenes between Willis and March, there is little that is erotic. The scenes are forced and when underwater, silly. They go on too long to have a dramatic effect and there is no spark of passion and excitement between the two.

Director Richard Rush guides the film like an amateur. Scenes are so dark the action cannot be understood, but the clues stand out to the audience like a sore thumb. He should take this one off his resume. Color this one a failure.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Color of Night  F                        F 

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