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Aimed at the "tween" ages (eight to 15) Clockstoppers delivers what is once again a body image that is impossible for kids to reach until their 20's.  Starring 22 year old Jesse Bradford (with a 5 o'clock shadow no teen should ever have) as the teen son, Zac, of a scientist who has helped develop a watch that allows the wearer to move in "Hyper-time".  Combine this with the mature looks of Paula Garcés as Francesca as the love interest and you get kids trying to look the same as adults.  When will Hollywood allow kids to be kids!

The story is no better.  Imagine a teenager with the power to basically stop time.  Now imagine a teen boy with the same power.  Now imagine the hormones of that boy and a girls' locker room, or getting even with the class bully, or improving their grades.  None of this is explored here.  All you have is a bunch of corporate bullies trying to control the technology and the kids come to the rescue of Zac's dad.

Unlike Spy Kids, theses "kids" are not really likable - they may be pretty but they are not cute.  Unlike Spy Kids, there is no story here just plot holes big enough to drop the universe in.  Even odder is the fact that this film is directed by Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek fame who should know the consequences of time travel and play but went for the cheap shots.

To recap the film: 22 year old "teen" finds watch that his father is working on that basically slows the passage of time for the wearer.  Greedy corporate types kidnap the inventor; inventor escapes; teen's father kidnapped to finish project; teen finds sexy teen "friend"; love follows; "teen" duo save dad and the world; all are happy.  What crap!

Wake up Hollywood.  Challenge the youth of America.  Show them the possibilities.  Don't feed them this sugar coated remake of a dozen other plot lines.  You'll be surprised; they'll come in droves to your films.


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