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City of Angels

When I think of what an angel might look like, I must admit that Nicolas Cage's image doesn't immediately pop into mind.  He does, however, have a kind face, beautiful eyes and with his voice barely above a whisper, he does a pretty good job looking angelic.

Although the beginning of the film is very slow moving, it does give an interesting take on the scriptwriters' imagination as to how angels spend their time on earth.  They gather on the beach at dawn and dusk, wander around the library listening to human thoughts, roam on the roofs of skyscrapers and hang around hospital corridors preparing the dying for heaven.

Seth (Cage) sees Dr. Maggie Rice (Meg Ryan) for the first time when her patient dies during a heart operation.  No one is supposed to actually see the angels that are constantly around us, but when Seth enters the operating room to accompany the man's spirit, Maggie locks eyes with Seth and pleads for her patient's life.  Suddenly a surgeon so sure of her skills discovers that perhaps there is a higher power in charge.

The romance that follows is a bit unusual, however, at times, very sweet.  The actors are so engaging and charismatic apart, you can't wait until they get together.

I liked the premise and the look of the romantic drama, I wish it didn't take so long telling its story.

City of Angels


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