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City by the Sea

City by the Sea

Robert DeNiro portrays police Detective Vincent LaMarca who is placed in the position of having to arrest his own son for the murder of a drug pusher.

That is where the film begins and ends as the story is diluted with inner demons of the father that has to arrest his own son, had a father executed for murder of a child during a kidnap, as well as a failed marriage and the abandonment of the same son he is now duty bound to arrest.  Confusing?  Yes it is and none of it is ever really explained.

Mix into this poorly told tale an upper lever (kind of like middle management) drug dealer is chasing the son so as to kill him to “save face”.  In what can only be the oddest piece of the film, DeNiro leaves a message for this man to come and see evidence against him.  This just allows for a guns and a small car chase / tailing.

DeNiro is not believable in the role partly due to the script and partly as showing emotion is not something he does.  Dealing with all the emotional baggage here requires someone capable of more than three facial expressions.  On a bright note, James Franco plays the junkie son and delivers a good performance with what has been given him.  Also in the film is Eliza Dushku who all the while trying to get to know DeNiro's character comes off as distracted and distant.

City by the Sea is appropriately named as anyone who knows the sea shore will recognize a familiar bad smell from this one.

As always keep the popcorn warm, the soda cold and look for me in the back row three seats in.

City by the Sea

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