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The Choirboys

Choirboys is a dramatic comedy which is directed well by Robert Aldrich.

The film begins as a full-fledged comedy about a squad of Los Angeles policemen.  Each is comical in his own way, but many have serious personal problems.  The choir practices, from which the film receives its name, is the device in which these policemen blow off steam from the problems of the day.  The choir practice, usually involves drinking, popping pills and some female companionship.  The men are relaxed and loose at the beginning of the film, but the comfortable, free atmosphere soon gives way to seriousness.  Even some very funny scenes have some serious overtones, one in which a police lieutenant is seduced by a hooker, with the help of an older policeman, Sperm Whale, is comical, but the overtone of revenge hangs heavily in the atmosphere of the film.

Aldrich does an excellent job of moving the film, and keeping the audience laughing as he slowly introduces danger and tragedy into the lives of the choirboys.

One is lost to suicide after a masochistic ordeal with a prostitute; and, at the film's end, the entire squad is nearly destroyed at a choir practice when a young homosexual is shot to death by a drunk, hallucinating policeman.

The film is a serious one.  There is comedy, but most of it is black comedy.  The Choirboys is well directed and one worth seeing; but, expect laughter to turn sour before the film ends.

The R rating is applied because of language and violence.

The Choirboys

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