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Chill Factor

The film opens on an island in 1987, where the Army is testing a powerful new weapon that backfires and kills 18 U.S. soldiers. Although not at fault, Captain Brynner (Peter Firth) is the scapegoat for the disaster, and is sent to the brig.

When he gets out 10 years later, Brynner is a bitter man (we can tell this by the numerous closeups of him sneering).  He and his gang storm into the Montana lab to steal the secret weapon and plan to sell it to the highest bidder.  Dr. Long (David Paymer), the scientist who developed the weapon (which resembles blue Jell-O) is shot during the break in, but escapes with the substance to a nearby diner.  This is where the two stars finally come into the script.

Skeet Ulrich plays a short order cook at the restaurant and a fishing buddy of Dr. Long.  He pairs up with Cuba Gooding, Jr. an ice cream delivery man, to safely bring the weapon to the Army base.  His refrigerator truck comes in handy, as the goo becomes deadly to thousands of citizens if it reaches temperatures above 50 degrees.

The action, which is plentiful, is choppy and appears to be pieced together.  There's also quite a few holes in the plot.  To name a couple, the lab that holds the weapon has only a few inept guards protecting it, and Brynner and his black flak jacketed gang search all over for the wounded Dr. Long and there's no one around town to notice them.  The place is deserted.

Ulrich is stiff and seems uncomfortable with this action role.  Even Gooding's considerable appeal can't save this one.

It is rated R for language and violence.

Chill Factor


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