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Chasing Liberty
Chasing Liberty
Starring Mandy Moore, Matthew Goode, Jeremy Piven,
Anabella Sciorra, Mark Harmon, Beatrice Rosen

Mandy Moore ranges toward a more risque performance as Anna Foster, the President's daughter in Chasing Liberty.

Living in the fish-bowl of the White House she finds dating impossible. With no chance at intimacy and she is frustrated.

On a trip to Europe she is given one free night by her father (Mark Harmon), but in a scary world he has secret service staff quietly watching her. Angered when she spots the security she runs away with a handsome stranger (Matthew Goode) on a motor bike.

Moore's A Walk to Remember and How to Deal found her a quieter more sensible and mature teen, but now she is playing a 19 year old who has amorous adventures in mind. She even takes a nude swim in a river. Of course that could have been a body double.

The production as a pleasant travelog from Prague to Paris and Venice, but the Travel Channel does it better.

Audrey Hepburn played a similar run-a-way in Roman Holiday (1953) (she was a princess) and won an Academy Award for her effort. She had Gregory Peck as a co-star, and she expressed her glee and delight filled with the joy of a young woman at the events and sights in the Eternal City. Moore's work pales in comparison.

With limited script and a foolish though romantic ending, it's difficult to recommend Chasing Liberty.

Chasing Liberty

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