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Charlies Angels: Full Throttle

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

You know something's wrong when the characters in the comedy / adventure you're watching are having more fun than you are.  And fun they do have - Cameron Diaz as Natalie, Drew Barrymore as Dylan and Lucy Lui as Alex return to laugh a lot while whey race motorcycles, surf and fight off evil-doers.

The plot involving three stolen rings is confusing and inconsequential.  Charlie, the infamous voice on the phone (John Forsythe) and Bosley (this time played by comedian Bernic Mac) give instructions to the girls, who travel to places like Mongolia or the California beach to solve the case.  All while wearing as little as possible, of course.

Natalie, whose smile seems to have been permanently pasted on, is the bouncy, klutzy one, Dylan is the tough one and Alex is the smart one.  But their individual personalities are secondary to how they look and move, and move they do - especially Diaz's character, whose rear end seems to take on a life of its own.

Demi Moore joins the cast as an "Angel" gone bad.  Much is being made about how at 40-something Moore looks great; and she does, but her performance leaves a lot to be desired.  She should do more to express anger than grit her teeth and squint her eyes.

The women are photographed mostly in close-ups or in slow motion, which unfortunately cheats the audience of the full effect of their stunts.  The face shots take up the whole screen, and break up the action, especially during a motorcycle racing scene.

Director McG has spiced things up considerably in this sequel.  The TV show was also all about hair, the jiggle and the wardrobe, but was appealing to both sexes.  The sexuality is much more blatant here, as in a car wash scene, the women drape their wet forms all over the auto, or a sexy lap dance or a burlesque-type dance - they are added to attract only male viewers.

Full Throttle has plenty of energy, but its attempt at humor and fun just falls flat.

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

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