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Cats and Dogs

Cats & Dogs

There are two kinds of people in this world, people who love cats and those who prefer dogs.  In this clever comedy using a combination of live animals and animatronics, you get to root for your favorites.

Jeff Goldblum plays a scientist who's trying to come up with a cure for people who are allergic to dogs.  If he is successful, dogs (who are already known as "man's best friend") will become even more popular.  But, not if the cats of the world, lead by the evil cat, Mr. Tinkle (voice by Sean Hayes of TV's Will and Grace) have anything to say about it.

The dogs have an elaborate network of agents and monitoring devices to help keep the scientist, his wife (Elizabeth Perkins) and son safe from the conniving cats.

Mr. Tinkle, although fat and fluffy and looking quite benign (excluding his missing front teeth, which adds to the look of his snarl), is a power hungry fur ball, willing to resort to anything in order to steal the formula.  He dispatches Ninja cats who descend from little parachutes and a Russian accented cat with intricate knowledge of bomb making to thwart the bumbling scientist.

Other voices are provided by Toby McGuire as a Beagle puppy, Susan Sarandon as a sexy homeless dog and Alec Baldwin as the head of the canine undercover operation.

There's some real laughs for both adults and kids as the dogs try to defend themselves from those pesky cats.  It make me laugh out loud watching those silly Ninja cats attacking with their tiny paws flailing at warp speed.

The best part however, is the mansion of Mr. Tinkle's invalid owner.  The cats have taken over the large dining room, sitting around an oblong table while Mr. Tinkle shouts orders atop the table.  Pacing back and forth with little paws clenched into fists, he rants and raves like a maniacal feline poised for world domination.

The human voices fit perfectly with their animal counterparts, and the special effects that are used to make the animals talk are fabulous.

The story moves right along and is pretty easy for kids to follow.  However, the animals themselves are what will keep their attention.  There are furry cats, skinny hairless ones, big dogs, puppies, shaggy dogs and even a little boy thrown in for good measure.

The dogs have the upper hand here, but I can just envision a sequel where the cats win.  Then everyone will be happy.

Cats & Dogs

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