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Can I Do it 'til I Need Glasses

There are certain film producers who attempt to cash in on films which are different, risqué or kinky.  They appeal to a young audience and far too often rip them off.  Can I Do it 'til I Need Glasses is one of the rip offs.  It features visualized dirty jokes in a series of separate settings.

Some of the segments are funny and do produce laughter; but the film, which lasts a little better than an hour, is basically dull.

Kentucky Fried Movie uses a similar premise, but its writers use imagination and typical situations of life as their starting point.  They produce an interesting film.  Glasses uses little imagination.  Its aim appears to present as obnoxious a film as possible.

There are offbeat films on the market which have an audience to play for, but Glasses is an insult to all audiences.  The film is rated R because of language and nudity.

Can I Do it 'til I Need Glasses

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