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Camp Nowhere

Camp Nowhere
Christopher Lloyd, Jonathan Jackson, Wendy Makkena, Tom Wilson, Andrew Keegan, Marne Patterson, Melody Kay and M. Emmet Walsh

Rated: PG 
Reviewed by: Chris  
Release date: August 26, 1994 Released by: Hollywood Pictures

Morris, nicknamed Mud (Jonathan Jackson), plays a smart teen who will do anything to keep from going to the computer camp his parents are pushing on him. Since most of the kids at school already think he's a nerd, he'd like to change his image and partake in a little fun.

Mud has three friends who are having the same troubles with their parents: the school bully, Zack, whose father is insisting he go to military camp to give him some discipline; and overweight girl whose mom wants to send he to diet camp; and the school's overdeveloped blond whose parents want to send her to drama camp.

Mud comes up with the bright idea that he and his friends pretend to go the camps that will make their parents happy, but rent an old hippy campsite for themselves instead. To help him pull off this scam, he enlists the help of Dennis Van Welker (played by the always confused-looking Christopher Lloyd, who even gets to have a romance here). Van Welker is a burned-out ex-drama teacher who goes to each kid's home and sells their parents on a fictional camp that appeals to their special needs.

The rest of Mudd's classmates find out about his scheme and talk their way into being a part of it. So, the unchaperoned group move to their rented campsite, with their surrogate leader staying in a cabin across the lake.

Leave a bunch of kids on their own and the usual antics occur food fights, fireworks and mega shopping sprees. It's all harmless nonsense, if not particularly funny.

The most amusing part is when the kids have a Parents Day, turning the camp alternately from a diet camp to a drama camp and to a military camp when each new set of parents arrive.

The audience, made up mostly of preteens, laughed quite a lot and since there's nothing offensive and there are even a couple of lessons about responsibility thrown in, I give Camp Nowhere mild approval.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Camp Nowhere     C                     C 

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