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Bush's Brain
Bush's Brain

Starring: Jacques Vroom, James C. Moore, Wayne Slater, Bill Miller, Tom Pauken

Maybe the George W. Bush administration might view the current spate of political documentaries about him as a “vast left-wing conspiracy.”

About as even-handed as Michael Moore’s highly compelling Fahrenheit 9/11 is Bush’s Brain by Michael Paradies Shoob and Joseph Mealey.

Family consigliere Karl Rove is the subject here, a personal adviser who really molded Dubya into a politician and president. Plenty of interviews dig deep into the murky waters of Texas politics and the documentary doesn’t have much if anything for Bush supporters to latch on to.

The maneuvering of Rove to make Bush the figure he is today is hard to refute from the journalists, Democratic opponents and some sensitive Republicans that describe it.

This rather brief, yet incisive documentary, advocates that Rove fashioned Bush for this year’s presidential election as a “war president.” His art of political savvy has Bush right “on message” after he was long thought to be an ex-president’s underachieving son. And having the viable candidate eradicate an opponent.

Rove is the kind of person that one might think should have a Democratic counterpart as he is behind the efforts for Bush’s re-election. Rove has hurt Republicans inadvertently as people around Senator John McCain are aware of, not only when it comes to digging in the personal life of a CIA agent or duplicitous office surveillance.

The manner of invading Iraq and those weapons of mass destruction have been used as a promotional force that goes to show how this documentary can make one angry yet understand what it takes to get it done in politics.

Bush's Brain

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