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A Bug's Life

Remarkably like the Tree of Life at the Disney Animal Kingdom, a tree on a small island is the home of Flik (Dave Foley), Princess Atta (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), The Queen (Phyllis Diller), Dot (Hayden Panettiere) and thousands of other ants.

The story is quite simple, the ants work all year to store up food, half of which the grasshoppers under the tyrannical leadership of Hopper (Kenin Spacey) steal.  Flik, the innovator finds it difficult to fit into the standard routines which all ants are obliged to follow.  When he accidently destroys the grasshoppers share of the crop the colony is thrust into crisis.  Flik must find a way to make his error right and save the colony.

Not much is innovative in the story but the animation from Pixar Studios, is spectacular.  Flowers, trees, rocks, water, light and all the various bugs come to life on the wide CinemaScope screen.

The production is cleaver enough for both parents and kids to enjoy.   Be sure to stay through the ending credits for the best laughs in the film.

A Bug's Life

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